Pakhsh Alborz

Pakhsh Alborz Company (Public Joint Stock), affiliated to Alborz Investment, is one of the biggest, most reliable, and famous of supplying and distributing goods companies throughout the country. This company has the honor to render services to the consumers with 4 decades of history since 1974 and through procuring and distributing the most important and major goods required by the Iranian families and distribution throughout Iran to all locations. This company is one of the oldest goods and drug distribution companies in Iran, and now by taking benefit from the best and most modern transportation, and distribution facilities covering the entire country, it plays a quite important and vital role in distributing different types of food and drug products needed by the families. Pakhsh Alborz Company’s shares were offered in over-the-counter market on 17/Mar/2013, as the first Iranian distribution company. For the time being, having 30 centers and 80,000 sq.m. indoor and equipped storing area, more than 25,000 sq.m. office area and 300 heavy and light lorries, Pakhsah Alborz Company has managed to take the responsibility of distribution of more than 2,500 drug items and 850 food, health, cleaning,… products. This company also tries to develop its products portfolio to be able to offer its services better and more complete to its customers.

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