The most important application of toothpaste is to clean the teeth and the adhered layers without harming the teeth surfaces. Therefore, it prevents cavity and provides and fresh and clean breath.
Banou, ABC, Dentaker and Dr. Brite toothpaste have the following features:
1. It contains abrasive materials, which bleach and clean teeth.
2. It contain sodium mono flouro phosphate which releases flouride inside the mouth and prevent cavity
3. It contain sodium loril sulfate used as surfactant and cause foam inside the mouth and easily extracts the food particles existed in the mouth.
4. It contains glycerin and sorbitol which are used are moisturizer to prevent dryness and stiffness.
5. It contains tetra sodium pyro phosphate which prevents plaque on the teeth
6. It contains mint or cinnamon essence which cools down and gives a good breath to the teeth